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Edible Schoolyard - Cooking with Children (Part 1)

Recently, Pizzagate researchers discovered an organization called "The Edible Schoolyard Project." According to its own website, "The Edible Schoolyard Network connects educators around the world to build and share a K-12 edible education curriculum." It is about involving "students in all aspects of growing, cooking, and sharing food at the table."

The Edible Schoolyard Project invites you "come experience first-hand the core principles and practical tools for engaging students in academics, social and emotional learning, and justice in the kitchen, garden, and lunchroom. Participants will be supported to explore the particular cultural, climatic, human-resource, funding, policy, and infrastructure realities where they work."

Well that sounds nice, doesn't it? What school wouldn't want a nice garden project for the kids to work - to learn about growth and planting - to better understand food and their responsibility as a steward of this planet? What is this doing wrapped up in the Pizzagate investigation?

The name is a little creepy - right? The "Edible Schoolyard?" Maybe I've been reading too much, but it does seem that Pizzagate related companies and persons have interesting word-play in their names: James Alefantis (J'aime les enfants = I love children (French)) or DynCorp (Dying Corp) to name a few. Edible Schoolyard sounds a bit like a twisted cannibal horror movie, right?

I digress. Let's have a look the Board of Directors.

Oh look! Our favorite "simple pizza shop owner," James Alefantis. 

You know, the guy who owns Comet Ping Pong. One of the 50 Most Powerful people in Washington D.C. according to GQ. The guy who listens to these bands like Heavy Breathing / Majestic Ape, and the Sex Stains. 

The guy who posted these pictures and comments on his Instagram account

Same guy. What is he doing on a board for a .org for children? Based on his Instagram alone, he shouldn't be anywhere near a child. By the way, his buddies the Podestas are into art like this from Biljana Djurdjevic:

Suddenly that edible garden is sounding a lot less charming. . . 

So who else is on the board? Pick a name... any name. Alice Waters, come on down! Alice Waters is not only on the board, but she is the founder The Edible Garden. She is also founder of Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café in Berkeley, California.
She looks nice enough, right?
What is she doing mixed up with a guy like James Alefantis? Hey - he's in Washington DC. How come he's the only non-Californian on the board of this Berkeley based .org?

Maybe she's closer to Marina Abramovic of Spirit Cooking fame? Kissy close even - watch at 6m22s...

Did you see that? Here's a few still frames:

Nope. Nope. Nope. There's nothing charming about The Edible Schoolyard at all. It's just plain creepy. The organization is tied directly to satanic, pedophile, cannibal elites. Hence, I think we'd all like to know one thing - when it's time for dinner, do they say: "Let's cook, children!" or "Let's cook children!" ?

Commas save lives. So do investigations.

Continue Reading Part 2 of this Inquiry into the Edible Schoolyard.


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