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Convicted of Child Porn - Early Childhood Professor / Board of Education President / Juvenile Court Volunteer - Still Lives Within 1000 Feet of a Junior High School!

This is the story of a convicted pedophile that lived around the corner from me growing up. The story was well documented in the local news (as I will recount below) and the individual was extremely influential for four decades as a doctor of early childhood education and court appointed advocate for abused children. Given the circumstances cited below, I would not be shocked if he is still directly or indirectly involved in the abuse of children.

NOTE: I am not writing this to advocate vigilantism, harassment, etc. DO NOT engage in that type of behavior EVER. Report human trafficking, child sex abuse, and other crimes to the local Police, elected representatives and the press. This post is 100% based upon reported, documented fact and does not contain baseless speculation or defamatory material.

Dr. James Uphoff 

Dr. James Uphoff is a retired Wright State University (WSU) professor and former Oakwood Board of Education president. At WSU, he was known as "a leading expert on early childhood education." Dayton Daily News – Sept 11, 2014. Oakwood is one of the top school districts in Ohio, currently ranked #14 by US News. US News & World Report.

Uphoff was a also a Montgomery County Juvenile Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) – which gave him access to child custody cases where children services has removed a child in cases of neglect, abuse or dependency, so he could talk to juveniles throughout the proceedings, make sure the case is handled properly and prepare a report for the court on what they believe is the best interest of the child. Dayton Daily News – Dec 9, 2016.

Uphoff is also an author, having written at least two books on early childhood education:

The first reported wrongdoing was in 2010, when Dr. James Uphoff denied allegations that he inappropriately touched a 13 year old boy at an Oakwood school event. Dayton Daily News – Dec 9, 2016.

Dr. James Uphoff - Convict
An investigation began later when, in early September 2012, Wright State University employees found questionable material on a printer and copy machine on campus. Uphoff bargained and ultimately pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2013 for one count of possession of child pornography. However, forensic analysts discovered "approximately 550 images and two videos of child pornography on three of the computer devices." FBI Cincinnati Division – Oct 17, 2013.

Investigators also found at Uphoff’s residence hundreds of printouts depicting images of naked teenage boys and young adults either in bondage or pornographic poses, as well as hundreds of erotic stories of adults engaging in sexual acts with some children and engaging in sexual acts with other children.” WHIO – Aug 28, 2016.

Dr. James Uphoff
In 2014, prior to serving a federal prison sentence between six and twenty-four months, he violated his court-ordered supervision a second time, and “sought permission to drive his wife to her doctor’s appointments.” “A March 28 home visit by the court’s pretrial services found that Uphoff had two computer routers.” His conditions of release stated Uphoff should “not possess or have access to any computer or any device with internet capabilities. At that time, prosecutors alleged he committed a bond violation by being in possession of more child pornography. Dayton Daily News – June 2, 2014.

Does anyone know what this is?
University of Nebraska?
He ultimately served only a little over one year in prison. He was released in 2015 and moved back to his home – within 1000 feet of a school, making him now in violation of his status as a Tier II sex offender. Dayton Daily News – Dec 9, 2016.

Given his status at State University a leader in early childhood education training;  and CASA involvement, it is reasonable to assume the depths of Uphoff's disgusting abuses may go far into the hells of the global pedophile network.

It is no secret that many high-level officials in the education and professional worlds have been brought low by their abuse of the innocent. New shocking cases come out every day and are quickly buried beneath celebrity puff pieces and kitten memes because they don't want us to know one thing:

If our media would only honestly report the extent of this global depravity, 
we would be horrified.

Click for an INTERACTIVE TIMELINE Summarizing the Case over the years.



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