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Hi! I'm @PReynoldsEsq on Twitter.

 You might know me from Reds For the Rest of Us, in which case you likely also drank too much wine and conveniently forgot about me!  I am certain the wine was delicious!

I hope you didn't also forget about the story I am sharing about how my wife and I are escaping a mountain of debt.  You see, my lovely wife and I started our marriage in June of 2015 with a combined $364,589 in debt. Every dollar was student-loan and credit card debt. There is not now (and never has been) a mortgage. We rent. 

Today we owe approximately $300,000 - meaning we reduced our total debt by about $65,000 in one and a half years. We still have a ways to go. HOWEVER, that means we paid off about 20% of our total debt in about 18 months. I have a plan to boost that to 25% before spring gets here and we give birth to our Disindebted Baby.

So that's a bit about me. Let's find out if you should keep reading.

I know your time is precious. Your day is busy. So is mine. I hope you will make time for this.

I took about an hour out of my day to write this. I would like to ask you to give an hour or so of your time to what I'm about to share. If you have to break it up, that's fine. If you can sit down and go through it all at once, that's even better.

Before you keep reading you should pray for guidance, wisdom and protection. Be sure these spirits are from God (1 John 4:1). You should all pray for that every day anyway.

I think it is best to start with an old video that is a really quick summary of some of the weird stuff involved this Pizzagate story you may have heard about. It's by Really Graceful. Watch it - it's like 5 minutes.

She also has a book and a huge twitter and Youtube following. She has done dozens of videos just on this story. 

While there are many other excellent reporters on this (like David Seaman, formerly of Huff Post, who was invited (twice) to be on the Daily Show to discuss Pizzagate, before that was shut down by someone above Comedy Central's pay grade - and more.  

Anyway, Really Graceful appeals to those of us who are only sharing the controversial opinion that "Hey - I think some kids might be in trouble. They should look into this." 

Watch her video before you read further.


Did you watch it? 

I know, it isn't going to win any awards - but it seemed honest, didn't it?

That David Seaman video was good too, right? Okay - you can come back to that one later, but note he points out some of the extreme hypocrisy in the non-reporting of this story. Remember, before now you thought this was a joke about a shooter at a pizza place.

Seriously...  watch the videos before you continue.

I think, as a friend, you can give me twenty minutes of that hour you promised.

Lots of children could be in very serious trouble. You don't have anything more important to do, do you?

If you thought anything about Grace (@FranSeenWrites) or David (@davidseamanweb) was even marginally compelling, maybe you can give 17 minutes to this video:

I understand if you have completely written me off as a nut-job at this point. 

But it gets a lot weirder.

There are a lot of developments since this. The tunnels she talked about have been further investigated. They align with an abandoned subway tunnel (that, coincidentally, leads to the White House

Sidebar, there is a pentagram found in the layout of the city. Did you know DC was laid out in the shape of a pentagram? Now you do. 

I don't want to spend too long going down the satanist rabbit hole, but occultists say that a pentagram is sometimes left broken (incomplete, with one section missing) so that the summoned evil can escape from the altar. Here's another look at the streets in DC. The White House is at the bottom.

End Sidebar. 

Researchers have continued to dig (pun definitely intended) into the tunnel issue.

They found the kill room. They matched various images to show connection between the Alefantis Instagram pictures and a nearby place called the Pegasus museum. The house out in front of that building has one word painted on the wall: "Kids"

So, (back story), there has been a guy in the Pizzagate research community that has been trying to sell Pizzagate shirts. He was marketing them to everyone that was following or researching the story. He was frequently chastised and harassed by the Pizzagate research community for trying to profit off of this)... 

I'm going to say he more than made up for any sin in selling those shirts. He and others had investigated and tracked down connections between images in James Alefantis' Instagram and worked out the address for the killroom. He made a Youtube video and shared it. It was quickly removed for alleged "violation of Youtube guidelines." (I watched the video and my legal opinion is that there was zero violation of Youtube's guidelines). 

Later, the guy came back with a new video explaining why he deleted the video - which includes the content of the originally deleted video. 

My take? T-shirt guy has a spooky fan...

Anyway, that should've been about an hour. Thanks for giving me your time. I think this is real (for some very personal reasons) and I'll continue to keep talking about this this on my Twitter @PReynoldsEsq

p.s., They've been shutting down youtube and twitter and facebook posts about this. But they're actually coming after some of the most outspoken people, like David: and friends.

p.s.s. This all happened in the UK and Europe recently and the Jimmy Saville sex ring was partially exposed. The journalist who helped cover the Saville story is now CEO of the New York Times. Funny. Some of the people victimized in the UK are coming out. Becki is a great example. Here is her testimony.


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