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Convicted of Child Porn - Early Childhood Professor / Board of Education President / Juvenile Court Volunteer - Still Lives Within 1000 Feet of a Junior High School!

This is the story of a convicted pedophile that lived around the corner from me growing up. The story was well documented in the local news (as I will recount below) and the individual was extremely influential for four decades as a doctor of early childhood education and court appointed advocate for abused children. Given the circumstances cited below, I would not be shocked if he is still directly or indirectly involved in the abuse of children.
NOTE: I am not writing this to advocate vigilantism, harassment, etc. DO NOT engage in that type of behavior EVER. Report human trafficking, child sex abuse, and other crimes to the local Police, elected representatives and the press. This post is 100% based upon reported, documented fact and does not contain baseless speculation or defamatory material.

Dr. James Uphoff is a retired Wright State University (WSU) professor and former Oakwood Board of Education president. At WSU, he was known as "a leading expert on early childhood educati…

People are Reading "1984" in 2017 -- It's About Damn Time!

In response to my continued nagging, my wonderful wife is finally reading George Orwell's classic, 1984. I like to think she's enjoying it - though I know words like "dark" and "dystopian" fail to describe her typical pick in page-turners.

Today, she sent me a link to an NPR piece dated yesterday, January 25th, 2017, entitled '1984' Sales Are Up In The Era Of 'Alternative Facts'.  The story explains that according to a spokesperson for the publisher, Signet Classics, "1984  sales have increased almost 10,000 percent since the inauguration and moved noticeably upwards on Sunday," January 22nd.

First and foremost, It is absolutely wonderful to hear that people are reading 1984, even if they're late! It's a GREAT book. However, I have some issues with the this Fake News / Alternative Fact narrative the drive-by media is propounding.

A little back-story might help in case you have been living under a rock. We have a new U.S. Pre…

#PIZZAGATE Death by a Thousand Kittens (and Puppies)

I have a "Puppies and Kittens" theory about how Facebook, Twitter, etc. are suppressing PG stories. I think they are using puppies and kittens (or whatever your interests are) to suppress the #Pizzagate story in a manner which (a) avoids claims that it suppressed speech, while (b) makes more money for Facebook.
To follow me, you need a basic understanding of how Facebook prioritizes the content of your news feed. TechCrunch has a nice summary on it here: The formula from TechCrunch shows that News Feed Visibility is a product of the factors: Creator x Post x Type x Recency (and about 100,000 other high-personalized factors!). Simplified, that formula is: News Feed Visibility = C x P x T x R
There are details to each factor, but “Type” is the factor we are concerned with in this theory: Regarding post Type, TechCrunch says “I might love reading news articles, you might love watching videos. Facebook matches peo…


Hi! I'm @PReynoldsEsq on Twitter.

 You might know me from Reds For the Rest of Us, in which case you likely also drank too much wine and conveniently forgot about me!  I am certain the wine was delicious!

I hope you didn't also forget about the story I am sharing about how my wife and I are escaping a mountain of debt.  You see, my lovely wife and I started our marriage in June of 2015 with a combined $364,589 in debt. Every dollar was student-loan and credit card debt. There is not now (and never has been) a mortgage. We rent. 

Today we owe approximately $300,000 - meaning we reduced our total debt by about $65,000 in one and a half years. We still have a ways to go. HOWEVER, that means we paid off about 20% of our total debt in about 18 months. I have a plan to boost that to 25% before spring gets here and we give birth to our Disindebted Baby.

So that's a bit about me. Let's find out if you should keep reading.

I know your time is precious. Your day is busy. So is mine. …