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Edible Schoolyard - Cooking with Children (Part 2)

In my prior post on this, I explained how James Alefantis is on the board of "The Edible Schoolyard Project" run by Alice Waters. Let's follow some of the money and see where it leads.
Per their 990 Tax Filings (currently available from 2010 to 2015) the organization does a "Solstice Dinner" as an annual fundraising event hosted in NYC.
The 2010 Event is featured in photos by the New York Social Diary. Fashion designer Lela Rose and her husband Brandon Rose hosted this Summer Solstice Dinner at their Tribeca loft to benefit the Edible Schoolyard. (Archived here:
Of course, we previously saw that Alice attended Marina Abramovic's satanic Spirit Cooking ceremony. It looks like Marina also made an appearance at Alice's Summer Solstice Dinner. Alice goes to Marina's parties, and vice versa. 
I hoped to find more from Alice's Instagram. Sure enough, she had a hand in promoting James Alefantis' Pizza PAC for Hillary. Well i…
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Edible Schoolyard - Cooking with Children (Part 1)

Recently, Pizzagate researchers discovered an organization called "The Edible Schoolyard Project." According to its own website, "The Edible Schoolyard Network connects educators around the world to build and share a K-12 edible education curriculum." It is about involving "students in all aspects of growing, cooking, and sharing food at the table."
The Edible Schoolyard Project invites you "come experience first-hand the core principles and practical tools for engaging students in academics, social and emotional learning, and justice in the kitchen, garden, and lunchroom. Participants will be supported to explore the particular cultural, climatic, human-resource, funding, policy, and infrastructure realities where they work."
Well that sounds nice, doesn't it? What school wouldn't want a nice garden project for the kids to work - to learn about growth and planting - to better understand food and their responsibility as a steward of this…

The 3/18 Pizzagate Protest Prayer

A small but noble crowd showed up in Washington D.C. on March 18th, 2017, to protest and demand an investigation into Pizzagate and Pedogate. Below is the text of the prayer I gave at that event:

Father, we thank you for the brave people who have come today to speak out against the evils of child abuse, rape, and trafficking.

Thank you LORD for using us to shine a light in the darkness. 

Lord, we ask that you...  we trust that you will show up today in powerful and mighty ways. We have faith that you will use the words spoken, the lives touched, and the people moved today to CHANGE the world in incredible ways.  

And LORD... Abba... Father... we pray for your peace for the millions of children lost in this world. Be their comfort and their shield. Be their shepherd. 

Be the stronghold - the rock upon which we stand. Let us no longer see this as a matter of right vs. left, but of right vs. wrong. Father, you alone are right and you lead us in paths of righteousness. We ask you to lead us as…

Zuzu is God's Way of Saying "Sweet"

She woke me up in the middle of the night.
She needed me. . .

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about my dog. She had to do a poo.
She is very sick.

That dog had the same urgency to go as I did to start typing when it hit me that I had some memories worth saving. When I started writing this she was outside in the damp yard. Usually she would bark sooner - but she has grown tired in the past few months.
Cancer has infected her utterly. Her liver is like a slice of Swiss cheese.
I got her when she was two and a half. It was 2007 and I was rounding out my first year of law school. I told my wife that I need to get a dog or I was going to go crazy. The wife didn’t want a dog, but I wasn’t going to give up. I found a dog I loved and I pursued her until the wife caved.
She was a shelter dog - a “drop off.” No further information was available, but the County said she was a Husky/Chow (I now say Husky/Samoyed but that’s just a guess). I saw her at the shelter - she would press her c…

I am NOT OK With This

Last night, during the Super Bowl, I posted something on my Facebook about #Pizzagate. As can be expected, it was liked by a handful of people. A lot of people likely saw it and chose to ignore it. And, of course, there were one or two who had to call it "fake news" and demonstrate their vast knowledge of current events.

Here is what I posted:

One acquaintance who referred to #Pizzagate as "fake news" pointed out that the rest of the email shouldn’t be forgotten. Well, I’m glad she raised that issue. The email she refers to is the WikiLeaks John Podesta Email ID 5252.
For those unaware, it is a verified, leaked, email to John Podesta dated October 8, 2015, wherein a Ms. Tamera Luzzatto invites a number of people to a party she refers to as the “Reprise of Our Gang’s visit to the farm in Lovettsville” (whatever that means).
Tamera Luzzatto was at this time a Sr. VP at Pew Trusts (per the email). Previously, in 2001, she was Station Chief for then Senator Clinton.

Convicted of Child Porn - Early Childhood Professor / Board of Education President / Juvenile Court Volunteer - Still Lives Within 1000 Feet of a Junior High School!

This is the story of a convicted pedophile that lived around the corner from me growing up. The story was well documented in the local news (as I will recount below) and the individual was extremely influential for four decades as a doctor of early childhood education and court appointed advocate for abused children. Given the circumstances cited below, I would not be shocked if he is still directly or indirectly involved in the abuse of children.
NOTE: I am not writing this to advocate vigilantism, harassment, etc. DO NOT engage in that type of behavior EVER. Report human trafficking, child sex abuse, and other crimes to the local Police, elected representatives and the press. This post is 100% based upon reported, documented fact and does not contain baseless speculation or defamatory material.

Dr. James Uphoff is a retired Wright State University (WSU) professor and former Oakwood Board of Education president. At WSU, he was known as "a leading expert on early childhood educati…

People are Reading "1984" in 2017 -- It's About Damn Time!

In response to my continued nagging, my wonderful wife is finally reading George Orwell's classic, 1984. I like to think she's enjoying it - though I know words like "dark" and "dystopian" fail to describe her typical pick in page-turners.

Today, she sent me a link to an NPR piece dated yesterday, January 25th, 2017, entitled '1984' Sales Are Up In The Era Of 'Alternative Facts'.  The story explains that according to a spokesperson for the publisher, Signet Classics, "1984  sales have increased almost 10,000 percent since the inauguration and moved noticeably upwards on Sunday," January 22nd.

First and foremost, It is absolutely wonderful to hear that people are reading 1984, even if they're late! It's a GREAT book. However, I have some issues with the this Fake News / Alternative Fact narrative the drive-by media is propounding.

A little back-story might help in case you have been living under a rock. We have a new U.S. Pre…